easy kelly - intro demo

by palths

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demo tracks to the album I'm working on


released September 21, 2014



all rights reserved


palths Portland, Oregon

it will always be winter here

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Track Name: Intro
reflective surfaces,
where's your face? your hands? your torso?
i’m lost in the dark,
fuck, where are you?
sirens go off-
was that the cops?
i’m groping the air, looking for you, its too dark out just say “here” so I can find you already.
i gotta get the message to her,
officer, don’t shoot, I’m just the messenger…
where the fuck are you?
i'm closing my eyes in the dark to make it even more dark, to make you more real.
i was all over you, drunk, flat face pavement kiss like it was new years eve
and you weren’t there to catch my fall
Track Name: i.
I was a little lost
a little bird fought the cause
never swore, never crossed my heart
I hoped to die in a brave way

I’ve lost my ability to cope
at least I convinced myself so
I turned a wrong corner and ended up at the wrong drug store

Cigarettes never tasted sweet to me
it was only because you seemed to like me better
the smell only stuck to your leather coat
so I was safe to go home

But not tonight, not ever
I can’t bring myself to tell the truth
I can’t bring myself to love you
a liar, a cheater, an abusive little sector
who tore our my heart
and ate it for dinner